ICML 2008 Student volunteer program

Funds are available to provide financial support to a limited number of student volunteers who would like to attend ICML 2008. Students may apply for volunteer positions, which are assigned on a competitive basis with priority given to students that are authors of papers accepted to the main conference or workshops. Students accepted as volunteers will have their ICML and joint tutorial and workshop day registration fees waived. In exchange, students will be required to assist with the organization of the conference.

The volunteer commitment will be 8-12 hours and may involve assembling registration packets, checking in attendees, assisting with workshops and technical sessions, or helping prepare the proceedings for publication. Volunteer applicants will be informed of the decision by May 16. Volunteers will be provided with details of their duties once the conference schedule is determined.

In addition, volunteers can apply for a travel award which will provide additional support covering some portion of their travel expenses. The exact amount will depend on the number of students and available funds. Travel award applicants will be informed of the extent of the support when they are notified of the acceptance/rejection decision. For details on how to apply for travel funding, see the application form.

Applicants for volunteer positions should delay registration until they are notified regarding the status of their application.

However, please make your hotel reservation as early as possible, preferably before May 2.

If you need an invitation letter for your Visa application, please contact icml-volunteers@cs.helsinki.fi.



Students wishing to apply for a volunteer position must fill in the student volunteer application form, and e-mail the form and the other material requested in it to icml-volunteers@cs.helsinki.fi by Friday, May 9, 2008.