Spectral Clustering and Transductive Learning with Multiple Views
Dengyong Zhou - Microsoft Research, USA
Christopher J.C. Burges - Microsoft Research, USA
We consider spectral clustering and transductive inference for data with multiple views. A typical example is the web, which can be described by either the hyperlinks between web pages or the words occurring in web pages. When each view is represented as a graph, one may convexly combine the weight matrices or the discrete Laplacians for each graph, and then proceed with existing clustering or classification techniques. Such a solution might sound natural, but its underlying principle is not clear. Unlike this kind of methodology, we develop multiview spectral clustering via generalizing the normalized cut from a single view to multiple views. We further build multiview transductive inference on the basis of multiview spectral clustering. Our framework leads to a mixture of Markov chains defined on every graph. The experimental evaluation on real-world web classification demonstrates promising results that validate our method.