A Recursive Metho d for Discriminative Mixture Learning
Minyoung Kim - Rutgers University, USA
Vladimir Pavlovic - Rutgers University, USA
We consider the problem of learning density mixture models for classification. Traditional learning of mixtures for density estimation focuses on models that correctly represent the density at all points in the sample space. Discriminative learning, on the other hand, aims at representing the density at the decision boundary. We introduce a novel discriminative learning method for mixtures of generative models. Unlike traditional discriminative learning methods that often resort to computationally demanding gradient search optimization, the proposed method is highly efficient as it reduces to generative learning of individual mixture components on weighted data. Hence it is particularly suited to domains with complex component models, such as hidden Markov models or Bayesian networks in general, that are usually too complex for effective gradient search. We demonstrate the benefits of the proposed method in a comprehensive set of evaluations on timeseries sequence classification problems.