Comparisons of Sequence Labeling Algorithms and Extensions
Nam Nguyen - Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, USA
Yunsong Guo - Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, USA
In this paper, we survey the current state-ofart models for structured learning problems, including Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Conditional Random Fields (CRF), Averaged Perceptron (AP), Structured SVMs (S V M struct ), Max Margin Markov Networks (M3 N), and an integration of search and learning algorithm (SEARN). With all due tuning efforts of various parameters of each model, on the data sets we have applied the models to, we found that SVMstruct enjoys better performance compared with the others. In addition, we also propose a new method which we call the Structured Learning Ensemble (SLE) to combine these structured learning models. Empirical results show that our SLE algorithm provides more accurate solutions compared with the best results of the individual models.